Daydream Hour 3 and Extra

Here’s the special artbook included with the latest issue of Harta, full of sketches and comments by Kui Ryoko! And because she couldn’t fit it all in a single book, we’re also translated Daydream Hour Extra which is a few more pages of sketches. Enjoy!

NOTE: For Daydream Hour 3, we uploaded two versions. One keeps all the images in their original png format, making it quite large, and the other is in jpg format and is half the size. The smaller jpg version is what we uploaded to mangadex. Daydream Hour Extra was images originally posted to the Harta website, so there is only one version.

Daydream Hour 3 larger size

Download the artbook on MEGA

Daydream Hour 3 smaller size

Download the artbook on MEGA

Daydream Hour 3 on MangaDex

Daydream Hour Extra

Download the artbook on MEGA

Daydream Hour Extra on MangaDex

Dungeon Meshi 64 - Rabbit

That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

Access the Chapter on MangaDex

Download the Chapter on MEGA

Included in this month’s issue of Harta is the 3rd Daydream Hour booklet. Like the last one, it’s a Kui artbook full of different Dungeon Meshi art and sketches, so we will be working on it and releasing it as soon as we can! Kui also released a few extra pages on the Harta website, which we will also translate!

News Regarding Dungeon Meshi and Covid-19


We have some news regarding the release date of the next chapter of Dungeon Meshi. As our raw supplier will not be able to provide scans of the chapter as quickly as usual due to the place where they usually obtain a copy of Harta being closed due to Covid-19, our release of this month’s chapter will be delayed. Hopefully, it should only be delayed for a day or two.

As always, thank you for your understanding and support. Please, stay safe and healthy during these troubling times!

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