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Dungeon Meshi World Guide 1.15 - Kabru, 1.16 - Mickbell, 1.17 - Kuro, 1.18 - Dia, 1.19 - Holm, 1.20 - Rin

Sorry for the long wait! Here’s the next batch of characters in the World Guide: The Kabru Crew!
Also, mangadex is now back up so we don’t have to use cubari anymore. Hooray! Unfortunately, the chapter sorting for the World Bible on mangadex is currently wonky, so just be careful when you’re reading this batch that you’re reading in the proper order…not that it really matters that much, though.

Read the Chapters on mangadex

Download Kabru Chapter on MEGA

Download Mickbell Chapter on MEGA

Download Kuro Chapter on MEGA

Download Dia Chapter on MEGA

Download Holm Chapter on MEGA

Download Rin Chapter on MEGA

Golden Kamuy 284 - Our Kamuy

The kamuy we made along the way.

NOTE: Noda will be going on a long break after this chapter. The next raw chapter will release on July 29th. Please don’t cry!

Read the Chapter on Cubari

Download the Chapter on MEGA

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